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The Future Of Home Care Is Here


Our Connected Care At Home service is the future of Home Care.

Our specially trained technicians build a bespoke network of sensors in your home to monitor the safety, health and wellbeing of your loved ones.

Providing families with peace of mind, our Connected Care At Home systems connect with our Home Care team.

If there is a problem, we dispatch a Support Worker to the home immediately.

Tomorrow's care today, when you need it most and at an affordable price.



We install wireless and unobtrusive sensors around the home, using existing lights and sockets.

These sensors control lights, heating systems, doors and can detect motion to trigger turning devices on.

These sensors are constantly monitored and respond to changes in the environment, turning lights on automatically at dusk, for example.


Our wearable technology works in tandem with the sensors around the home to respond to the activity of your loved one.

Our state of the art technology can also detect if something is wrong.

This includes monitoring the wearers pulse and it can detect if they may have had a fall.

We can also be alerted if the wearer leaves a certain area and, if needed, dispatch a Senior Carer to check on their wellbeing.

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